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The World's Tallest Virtual Building

The World's Tallest Virtual Building

Gibby’s Game room

Gibby’s Game room

Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You - Secret Worlds: The Universe Within - Interactive Java Tutorial

Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You - Secret Worlds: The Universe Within - Interactive Java Tutorial

9ball.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)

9ball.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)

Firefox: Blazing a Trail to 50,000,000

Firefox: Blazing a Trail to 50,000,000

Rémy Girard obtient un rôle dans une télésérie américaine

Presse Canadienne
Le 28 avril 2005 - 13:32

Le comédien Rémy Girard obtient un rôle important dans une télésérie américaine aux côtés d'un autre Canadien, Donald Sutherland.

Il interprétera le rôle d'un père de famille russe dont la fille a été enlevée par un réseau de prostitution international.

Human Trafficking est une série de quatre heures qui sera diffusée sur le réseau de télévision américain Lifetime, qui compte en moyenne quatre millions de téléspectateurs par film présenté.

À noter que d'autres acteurs québécois sont de la distribution, dont Isabelle Blais qui tient le rôle d'une jeune mère tchèque de 21 ans prise dans l'univers de la prostitution internationale.

On y apercevra également Céline Bonnier, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Frank Schorpion, Manuel Tadros et Danielle Laurin.

Human Trafficking compte un budget de 12,5 millions $US. Le tournage se fera à Montréal, Mirabel, Prague et Bangkok.

lifaros experimental flash gallery

lifaros experimental flash gallery

Stereo Images - Time for Space

Stereo Images - Time for Space

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Firefox: Blazing a Trail to 50,000,000

Firefox: Blazing a Trail to 50,000,000

Firefox nears 50 Million Downloads

Firefox nears 50 Million Downloads

IRON MAIDEN de retour à Québec

IRON MAIDEN de retour à Québec
Marc Gadoury [AgenceNews]

Le 26 avril 2005 - 14:16

La formation Iron Maiden reviendra visiter ses fans de la Vieille-Capitale en juillet prochain. Iron Maiden, qui participe à la tournée Ozzfest aux Etats-Unis, a décidé de faire un saut à Québec, le 16 juillet prochain, au Colisée Pepsi, le temps d’un concert.

C’est la formation MASTODON qui précédera Bruce Dickinson et ses acolytes sur la scène du Colisée Pepsi.

Les billets seront mis en vente le vendredi 29 avril, dès 10 heures, à la billetterie du Colisée Pepsi et dans le Réseau Billetech. Réservations téléphoniques : 418.691-7211 ou 1.800.900.SHOW. Achats en ligne :

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See the Sights from Satellites.

Plusieurs sites pour regarder avec :

See the Sights from Satellites | MetaFilter

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A bird's-eye view: Google map & satellite images

Now when you type an address into Google Maps, you can click the 'Satellite' link and see a view of the area.

Google Blog

Build a Secure Windows XP Desktop

TechBuilder | Build a Secure Windows XP Desktop

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DVD profit margins double that of VHS

DVD profit margins double that of VHS


Restant du 1ier avril....

Nouvelle que j'ai reçu en démarrant STEAM:

Friday, April 1 2005

An update is available for Counter-Strike: Source. The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. This update addresses requests for more realism in Counter-Strike: Source. The changes are as follows:

Doubled player speed when jumping. The effect to cumulative, so the more you jump, the faster you go.
Cut price of AWP by 50%.
Added akimbo Riot Shield to buy menu.
Removed de_dust from mapcycle.
Realism Enhancements:

Between rounds, it is suggested that you unsheath the weapon and repeatedly press the attack key to air it out as the leather now collects moisture and creates pits on the blade, making it less effective in the next round.

1. Firing the shotgun without ammo loaded will now cause it to jam.
2. When the shotgun jams, press F2 to fill out form DA-1823-00/A12-H8.
3. You should then hear a scribbling sound. When it stops, press F3 to send the request to LIDM.
4. Failure to do paperwork before pressing F3 will result in the immediate return of the unrepaired shotgun.
5. The repairs can take 1-2 rounds for completion. During that time, you cannot purchase a replacement firearm and may only use your sidearm or knife.

Player Models:
Several models now feature eyewear. This is a completely cosmetic enhancement with the following exceptions:

Part EP-7829-292-2 must be purchased and worn correctly at all times in order to see during the round.

In between rounds, you may purchase and use part EC-2231-833-H34 to clean your EP-7829-292-2. Note: that this does not clean the eyewear itself!

To clean the eyewear, you need to purchase and use the designated cleaner, EC-2231-233-H34, EC-2231-523-H34, or EC-2231-239-H34a respectively depending on your model's eyewear. You can determine the part # of the correct cleaner by asking someone.

Machine and submachine guns:

At least once every five rounds, press F1 to inspect the weapon:
A musical cue indicates that the inspection has started. Now press F1 again repeatedly to clean and lubricate the weapon.

Your Preventative Maintenance Status (either "cleaning" or "lubricating") is determined by the speed with which you press the F1 key and will be displayed above your head.

To accurately simulate real life maintenance mistakes, pressing F1 too quickly will lubricate either the bolt face or the trunnion block. Pressing F1 too slowly sprays lubricant directly into the buffer tube. All mistakes render the gun inoperable, though this may not become immediately apparent.

Experiment with keypress timing to avoid (and discover!) other common maintenance errors.

In order to balance the improved stopping power of a well-maintained weapon, the reloading process has been made much less reliable.

When reloading, you should listen for two or three distinct clicks over a period of several seconds.

If you hear one click or no clicks or more than two clicks, you've bent the link ejector chute and the gun will most likely explode on the next attempt to fire it, though it may not.

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