Saturday, December 02, 2006

10 most intelligent / least intelligent dogs

10 most intelligent / least intelligent dogs

Mon chien est peut-être fou, mais au moins il est intelligent.


Stéphane Thomson said...

This guy is quite stupid. This a quote from him...

"The first two intelligence's are individual dog specific, whereas Working / Obedience Intelligence can be applied to a whole breed."

Obedience and Intelligence should not even be in the same sentence. Think about an obedient person more intelligent than a disobedient person? Christian/Islamic Fundamentalists are very obedient! Budhists must score lower, right? How about Blacks, Asians or Inuit while your at it? These ARE different races (breed)! The word for breed in French is race.

And please don't think that human intelligence is completely different. This Coren guy is projecting too.

BTW, dog actors (highly trained) are mixed breeds. Or better yet, remember the Mastiff in Turner and Hooch? Rated by this guy as one of the dumbest breeds. Everyone has seen lots of bulldogs in movies.

Mart, I'm sorry, I do agree that your dog breed is highly trainable, but I do not agree that this makes him intelligent.

This guy should have stayed with his first two criteria.

*This is the end of my rant*

Martin Belair said...

Calmes toi Faf, ce n'est pas toi qui es cave mais ton chien.

Martin Belair said...

En passant le nerf, lorsque j'ai blogué cette liste, j'avais vérifié au sujet du livre et de l'auteur en question. C'est clair que son livre est très controversé. Par contre, Mathieu et moi voulions rammassé une grosse baleine. Pour rammasser une grosse baleine, ça prend un gros appât... Nous avions donné un nom à cette grosse baleine. Nous avions misés juste. C'est vrai que c'est le fun joué à ce jeu.