Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Real Men Love the Fifth Element

Real Men Love the Fifth Element

Bruce Willis getting his shit wrecked by Ian Holm

This shot is hilarious for several reasons:

1. Bruce Willis never gets knocked out, by anyone, ever. To see him get cold-cocked by fucking Bilbo, of all people, is hysterical.

2. The look on Korben’s face as he goes down is an insane mixture of confusion, pain, flabbergastedness, and Bruce Willis checking to make sure he doesn’t miss falling on the cushioned mat placed directly below frame.

3. While not audible in animated gif format (obviously), Korben makes an incredible “EEUUUGHAOUUUGH” noise as he falls.

Watch the animation till it becomes hilarious, then keep watching until it becomes not funny anymore, then finish the rest of the article and come back and watch it until it becomes funny again.

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