Sunday, April 08, 2007

15 “HOLY SHIT!” Movie Moments

15 “HOLY SHIT!” Movie Moments:

The Scenes That Make You Say “Ohhhh Shit!” Everytime

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Stéphane Thomson said...

All good! Seen them all. My man Joe is in two of them...

For those who like trivia, "The Spider" from the Exorcist was not in the original movie because the director thought it didn't even come close to the description in the book. Having read the book several times, I can tell you that it is the scariest part. If I remember correctly, the mother hears a hissing sound while walking down the hall and turns to see Reagan following her, walking on the tips of her fingers and toes, back arched completely backwards so that her fingers and toes are almost touching, while her tongue keeps lashing out hissing like a snake.

I have the chills just writing it. A must read for everyone.