Friday, April 20, 2007

Do Higher MP3 Bit Rates Pay Off?

Do Higher MP3 Bit Rates Pay Off?

I blogged this for someone. You fucking know it. I love you too.

You also know that we have to do it. And I fucking hope that you will miserably fail the test.


Jean-François said...

Even it he does fail, there's no fucking way he's gonna tell us.

Probably because the sample he got weren't a good batch.

Stéphane Thomson said...

Did you guys read?

"160Kb/s, 320Kb/s, and uncompressed WAV. The compressed files were ripped using variable bit rate
(VBR) <--------------encoding, meaning that a 160Kb/s VBR track allows the bit rate to rise and fall depending on the complexity of the music while maintaining the selected bit rate as the
minimum <-----------bit rate for the track."

First-off: 4 subjects is quite a small sample.

2nd: at 320Kb/s VBR with 320 being the minimum, what was the max?

3rd: 160Kb/s VBR with a max of what? 320?

These twits don't know their shit. The more complex the music, the more the 160 VBR will stick to 320.

They are testing apples and apples(they did use iTunes).

Bring on 192 vs. 320. No VBR. I dare ya! No, I double dare ya!